Community Builder
what we need
To create from scratch a community of traders interested in trading on our exchange. The target audience is traders from Latin America and Africa.
what you need to do
  • Creation and development of a community of traders from Latin America and Africa
  • Development and implementation of the strategy to attract new users to the community and increase the involvement of current users
  • Community management: interaction with users, answering questions, solving problems
what we expect
  • Experience of working with a community in InvesTech from 2 years OR experience of working with a community in investments
  • Experience in building a community from scratch
  • Understanding of who a trader is
  • Experience of working with target audience from Latin America and/or Africa
  • At least a B2 in English, at least a B2 in Spanish
Contact us if you see yourself in the description and if you are ready to blow up the InvesTech world
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