Customer Development Genius
what we need
Experience should be targeted: in-depth research, locally in customer development research. It would be great if you have experience with cold calls for research purposes (no need to sell anything).
what you need to do
Context: we have various contacts of people who have interacted with Sunflower in one way or another.
Contacts: there are either emails, telegrams, or tweets. At the start we will have to solve the following problem: to contact a possible maximum of our users or those who could become a user, but did not do that, bring them into communication and conduct research on these users through interaction with them (text interview, interview in a call, at the choice of a specialist. The CustDev interview is a perfect option).
One important thing: the users are multilingual, there are Spaniards, Ukrainians and English-speakers.
The result of the study: the identification of segments based on user experience, compiling a portrait of our user, including goals, motives, needs for each of the identified segments.
What will be the next responsibilities?
Regularly conduct interviews and collect feedback from users, adjust the profile, identify needs.
what we expect
  • The one who has read the book “The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if ... everyone is lying to you” and knows what customer development is
  • Experience working with in-depth research
  • Experience working with cold calls
  • Willingness to communicate in different languages (any schemes with translators, asynchronous communication, whatever)
  • Ability to create portraits of users
  • Knowledge of Spanish at least B2
Contact us if you see yourself in the description and if you are ready to blow up the InvesTech world
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