Product Marketing Writer | Marketing-editor
what we need
Working with meanings and communication: to package the product for different segments of the target audience (traders), to work with the verbal and visual perception of the brand by the potential user, to develop SRS for lead-generating landing pages, to create CTA, to form and arrange the USP in capacious selling texts.
what you need to do
  • Forming USP based on a hypothesis about the target audience segment, convert USP into specific meanings, texts, CTAs and pictures
  • Generating ideas and texts for campaigns and develop texts for marketing communications
  • Working with designers and developing SRS for leadgen-endings and visuals in general (images, banners) based on the hypothesis of the target audience needs
what we expect
  • +2-year experience in product copywriting, FinTech, InvesTech
  • Experience creating content for marketing communications (content emails, banners, pop-ups, etc.)
  • Experience in creating sales texts
  • English at least B2, knowledge of Spanish would be a plus (accepted using translator)
  • Basic understanding of UX, understanding of A/B testing concepts
Contact us if you see yourself in the description and if you are ready to blow up the InvesTech world
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